Mission Statement

Welcome to Senaspace. This gallery and tattoo studio is a reflection of my lifelong interest in diverse modes of artistic expression, and my conviction that art is not a luxury but a sublime human need. I hope this space speaks to you on an aesthetic, visceral, and personal level.

I created this space to bring together the different strands of my life as an artist. Born and raised in Texas, I moved to New York to attend The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Since graduating, I have cultivated my fine art while simultaneously working as a tattoo artist in NYC and abroad. For 16 years I have worked closely with clients to create personal and intimate works of art that they will carry with them on their skin throughout their lives. I am continually struck by the transformative power of the tattoo, an art form that seems to address the spiritual as well as the aesthetic realms.

My fine artwork is created with a technique of drawing by burning marks on paper with fireworks and other volatile materials. These techniques are rooted in one of humankind’s earliest technologies: fire, and as such they speak to something elemental in the human condition. Inspired by cosmology and the interconnection between terrestrial and celestial fires, my drawings become a record of their creation, a map pointing to the reason for human existence, or rather the outer limits, the infinite, the space not yet grasped.

These two means of creating – tattooing and burning-- have a unique synergy, as they both entail physical and ritualistic processes of mark-making while transforming matter/people. Senaspace is a unified platform in which both are presented and accomplished, and will also regularly feature expositions, projects and guest spots by local and international artists in all mediums. David Sena

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